Thursday 11 March 2010

Platform 3 seen from platform 2

Not final but getting there... still. Needs People! (and maybe a train)


Paul Finch said...

Exceptional - with such progress in last 2 weeks, you should definately have more kids! :)

Anonymous said...

ice say'sÖ

Looks awesome very nice.
Love the curved Design,
and the good Textur Combination.
Great Stuff.

greets ice

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

I've run out of superlatives - just to say that looks wonderful ! - an incredibly high standard model !


Geoff Potter said...

Really convincing, you could easily be standing on that very platform.

Rocky291 said...

Looks absolutely stunning!

Chris said...

Nah, don't go spoiling it with a dirty smelly loco ;-) Besides that station looks soo good, I don't think if I was the driver we would be leaving on time.