Saturday, 16 September 2017

Did it!

For any of you (Geoff) who supported me, thank you!

I did it in 12:26:06 and raised £500 which will be added to the companies aim of £10k for macmillan.

bib number 1621 (put this number in top left corner to search for me)

I came 31 out of the 1100 doing the full 100km on the day and finished strong (but had a weak bit in the middle! :))

Always next year!

thank you.


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Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

31st out of 1100 is truly impressive. I am pleased that I left the hard work to you as I would probably still be 'running'.

It is remarkable what the human body can do in the right hands and a great way to raise funds for charity. Well worth supporting.

Next time perhaps run one way and swim back the other.

Geoff Potter