Thursday, 16 March 2017

Boom! happy launch day

And after a decade of RS/RWs/TS20XX we now have TSW!

Lovely platform it is to.

So here we go again, all aboard!



Derek Siddle said...

My blog my rules, bosh.


🇬🇧ukpetey🇬🇧 said...

It'll be nice when it's finished Derek. I adore TS20xx and I had such high hopes for TSW. The beta was so disappointing that I haven't yet purchased TSW and I don't plan to for some time. It's like folks have paid for a beta version which is being promised will one day be finished.

Which when you've paid for it, isn't on. Paid for should mean finished. Not beta.

Now Weardale and Tessdale, that WAS finished. And superbly.

Derek Siddle said...

It will never be 'finished' just as TS201XX was never finished, it will evolve and grow. Our products are open ended, there are always places for content and tech to go. I feel with the updates released CSX HH was a lovely route and experience and I learnt a great deal about how to drive a US loco correctly. Exploring the worlds of TSW will be amazing and I am so excited about the future and options that are open to us.
Your feedback is valid and respect though and we will take it forward with us.

However, thank you for the kind words on W & T. I give it everything for as long as I could. (which almost killed me!)
I still drive it and now I am doing with it what I intended from the very beginning and that is to create paintings from it.