Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Once upon a time I was RSderek on UKTS 2007-2012ish. For years I shared info and helped people on forums regarding RS and RWs, wrote blog posts, took on feedback and explained A, B and C and generally was nice and helpful... :)

To free myself from the weight of the name, I created a second account so I could discuss general subjects without the prejudiced.
However, a second (or third!) account was not allowed (I did not know or care to be honest) so it was closed fair play they said naughty boy and we all moved on. As if it really mattered. :)

Proctor and Billiam were my 2 UKTS aliases while I was RSderek too (they both seemed like very nice people! and I never bothered anywhere else seemed to much like hard work)

A number of years ago I closed the RSderek account too, after the night of 'the long knives' it was time to focus on WVR and get that bad boy finished.

So to repeat... TS20xx will be developed for a while yet across UK/US and Europe. (We will also be working on TSW and a number of other Sims)





Geoff Potter said...

HI Derek

Your post is too downbeat.

You should be extremely proud of your contribution to TSxxxx as without your hard work and help (and Adam), it would not be what it is today. The fact is that many of the talented people who work at Dovetail are there as a direct result of your help and encouragement through UKTS and other forums/groups and there is an army of amateur modellers, scenario creators, route builders and just plain enthusiasts who are extremely grateful for your efforts.

Grumpy, not really ... modest, yes ... inspirational, yes.

As fantastic as TSW is, and that it is rightly the natural progression of the simulation, I, and I think I speak for thousands of others, look forward to many, many more years of enjoyment from TSxxxx and I am pleased to see that you are still much involved with its continuing development.

Paddington bear said...

Hi Derek,

I would have to totally agree with Geoff.


Chris Rodgers said...

Derek your work on many routes and content is Fantastic. The Wear valley line is a favorite of mine I'd play that over any other route in TS2017. I believe that more TS2017 routes should be made for the North East of England as most of the routes in TS 2017 are further down the UK. I would personally, but it probably wont happen in a million years Derek, love to see an extension to the Wear Valley line, such as Richmond, Redmire, Towlaw, also Stainmore Summit and Kirby Stephen.

All the very best to you Derek.

Tango4262 said...

I never realised you were Proctor, anyway I can only echo the comments already made, thanks for all you have done for the community. The WVR is a favorite of mine, I love the level of detail. Thanks again.