Saturday, 12 March 2016

How long is a piece of string?

For UK TRainSim thread that discusses 'How long does it take to make a route.'
I have said this a few times, but here it is again.
We often gather suitable assets from other routes but make many new assets per route, see below)

It roughly takes about 20 to 30 man months, working 5 days a week 48 weeks a year to make a route in RWs/Train Sim. ( This time taken comes down the more you add to the team.)
There is no normal team size, but for many years a team would consist of between 7 and 10 people all working together, some spend more on the project than others.

1 team leader
2 world content builders
2 artists (creating stations and assets)
1 track layer/signal person
1 scripter
2 artists working on rolling stock.
1 Audio person.

For a 50 - 60 mile route, (the amount of new rolling stock changes the number significantly)


0 to 1 man month, however this is on going through project.

Route Set up:
0.5 Man month (weather/sky/terrain/markers etc)

Track laying:
1 man month

1 man month

1 man month

Content laying:
6 man months

Station modelling (For example -10 stations, - 2 large, 4 medium 4 small)(large station, Darlington Bank Top, Medium Station: Darlington North Road, Small Station: Shildon)
4 man months (depending on number of stations)

Main Buildings:
2 Man months

New foliage
1 Man month

New Clutter and misc assets
1 Man month


0.5 Man months

Scenarios, weather, scripting, scenario documents:

LOD pass/Lighting pass and Audio pass

0.5 Man months

0.5 Man month

Rolling Stock:

3 man month per train

2 Man month

There is loads more to take into account, reviews, meetings, bug fixes, new information coming to light, feedback etc,  but it gives you an idea.



Unknown said...

very interesting any new rolling stock for the weardale route

Andy said...

Thanks for sharing.

I feel as though I'm not doing to bad with my 4 year (so far) project. Especially considering I'm on my own and not doing it full time.


Andy Gough (gougaaa)