Monday, 29 February 2016

What's a man to do?

So, now that my route is done, well done as in I ran out of time and moved onto other work and paintings. I wonder what to do with the blog, do I keep it going, do I turn it into something else or do I just let it gather dust...

Hmmmm, I really am not sure.

anyone with thoughts or advice I'd be happy to hear it.



Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

As this is essentially a Train Simulator Blog, some on-going comment on current developments would be interesting. Nothing confidential of course, but perhaps some background anecdotes about new DLC or challenges that you have had to overcome with new software and techniques. There may even be another route in you, in fact, I feel sure that there is.

Unknown said...

I loved the video you did on this route on youtube and really appreciated everything behind it. Im 4 years older than you and have very similar memories of the railways at that time, growing up south of York we saw all those ECML diversions like you talked about. One thing Id love to see would be something like an add on pack for this route with some extra stock and scenarios.