Wednesday, 17 February 2016

been distracted

Sorry I have not updated any of my blogs for a month or 2, I have been distracted with my daughter who has been ill.

Everything took a back seat as you would expect.

Hope to get back to it all soon.




R Roddan said...

Hi David, is there a way to contact you at all?

Derek Siddle said...


You can contact me here. :)

Peter B said...

I haven't been to your blog for ages Derek, cos I thought it would have ended with W&T being published. I'm still loving the route, it is my favourite by far, probably because I live there IRL. It's true quality, and I adore it, thank you.

I hope all is well now with your daughter?

roofrack said...

Dear Derek,

I am totally new to train simulation and getting an occasional rough ride (forgive pun) from one or two Steam and related enthusiasts who sneer at my lack of expertise in what is a completely new area of software for me.

I certainly have no intention whatsoever of interfering in people's private lives in the wrong way so I will sincerely apologise now if I'm doing that to you, but other forums advise I should try to contact you via your blog.

I have TS2017 and I have a simple request: what is the easiest way for me to get hold of, and install, AssetPack01 (Steam id 24086) ? Various web pages tell me it is freeware, but is this still correct ? Apparently, it is a dependency of the North Lincolnshire package which I'd like to try out.

Thanks for your time.