Saturday, 24 October 2015

Why oh

Because I am a True blue gunner gooner. (fast show)

BR 105 - ran BA to Darlo and beyond,
Class 31, 37s ran to and from Eastgate through BA to Darlington and beyond.
The Deltic ran from Durham through Bishop Auckland on days the ECML had engineering works. Also if you were at Darlington or Durham for any length of time you would have seen a Deltic, so very useful for scenario writing.

Class 03 worked Etherley pit and Darlington yards.
A updated 25 just rounds it off nicely.
It is a nice selection and all have little tweeks and changes from earlier models.

No class 47s as I never saw one at Bishop... ever.
Now if you have the market place blue 08 and 101 then fab, what a lovely set of traction to play with.

looking forward to it myself.


Side note: Bob in trouble.

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Chris Rodgers said...

Derek I completely agree with you on your description, I believe that the BR Blue pack is a fantastic addition to not just the Weardale Route but to any route in TS2016.