Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hope all are enjoying it

After a month of it being released I took some time out and have been focusing on other work as well as my painting.

I hope to go back to the route and add the extra assets soon. I am also hoping to demo the route up at Locomotion in Shildon later in September. more on that later.

I will be posting here from time to time but may well move over to my art blog for more regular updates.

take care all.



GĂ©rald Savary said...

Hello Derek,

Hello, Derek,

I'm still taking a lot of fun driving on your route. One of my big surprises (I live in Switzerland), is to see the death in a short time of all Darlington railway heritage. Thanks to make it now alive.

Take more pleasure in painting.


Tim van der Leeuw said...

Still enjoying the route and discovering new things on it, Derek!

buddy said...

hi derek

with you being from the north east england and very much in to rail simulation
would you are dovetail games ever consider doing the tyne and wear metro ?i would appreciate a response



Derek Siddle said...

Hi Ian,

The Metro is an interesting network but I'm afraid this is something that is not on the Dovetail production schedule in the near future. However if a 3rd party was interested in starting such a project Dovetail would love to hear about it.


woolyback said...

Hi Derek, just stumbled onto your Youtube videos The Development and History of t splitter 01-02-03 and rode on the train from Bishop to Crook. Quite a nostalgic ride for me. I am on old Crook lad of 82 years of age and now living in California .
I would love to try my hand at this train simulation but frankly I'm not sure where to start.
I'm only pretty much interested in the Bishop Auckland network that you described in the video series I watched earlier and only interested in steam engines, they didn't have any diesels when I was riding the trains.
Hoping you can point me in the right direction to get started.


Derek Siddle said...

Hiya woolyback, nice to have you find me.
email me:

And I will sort something out for you.

best regards


Unknown said...

Hi Derek, Haven't heard back from you yet and I'm thinking that maybe the email address you gave me isn't working.
When I first tried to email you my mail program popped up a message saying that the email address wasn't a valid email address.
I sent it anyhow and didn't get it returned to me so I assumed it had gone through ok.

Maybe you can try emailing me at jim33d(at)gmail(dot)com and see if that works.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Derek, as a dedicated scenario writer, I've been taking some close looks at the W&T and have to say that I'm a bit puzzled about some of the shunting possibilities.
For example, at Middleton in Teesdale, once an engine enters the "Station Headshunt" siding it cannot access the Fuel area because the automatic points will not change. Also at Middleton in Teesdale, at the Quary area, the Headshunt siding will only accommodate a single piece of rolling stock, making that area unshuntable. In many yard areas, siding marker labels suggest the presence of industries, but no appropriate structures are visible; here again, for example, at Middleton in Teesdale, there's a sawmill siding, but nothing that actually looks like a sawmill.
There are mostly small matters, but I like my shunting scenarios to be believable.
Do you foresee an upgrade at some point?
Thanks, Tom Pallen