Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Stations buildings

One task I did not have time to do but I will be doing it.

I did not have time to pull the station buildings from the platforms. (I know some of you want them on their own)

Not sure how many there will be, but lets assume 1 per station  (excluding the large ones) so I guess about 30 - 40.

This will either happen as a post patch release or I will find another way as I promised a few people who helped me research them.

Either way they will be available.

But I guess people will be busy driving it before they start to think about how they will use the other station buildings!




Chris Rodgers said...

Derek the routes looking great.

I would love to see an S&D tank and a 4MT running on your route.

Have you visited this page for ideas?


Tim van der Leeuw said...


Congratulations on the release now being done and out!

Haven't got a chance yet to drive but looking forward to it very much!


Unknown said...

I have only yet seen the route between Darlington and Barnard Castlet, but what a feast! Thank you Derek for producing this gem, it's been worth the wait....!


Anonymous said...

Hello Derek,

the route is fabulous! You and your team did an excellent job on creating this! Finally a fruther prototypical route for steam engines! :-)

Could I ask you for a favour: please tell us which additional locos available for TS at the moment are prototypical for this route. I know you left some hints in a comment, but I can't find it anymore. It would be a nice information for scenario-creation. Thank you very much and congratulations on this route!

All the best,