Thursday, 16 April 2015

Large assets

I've been reading a few comments about why stations are placed as huge assets instead of lots of small elements brought together in the world editor.
As if we do it to stop freeware creators from using the assets... it is nonsense of course, there is no motive around it other than it is much easier for the artist to bring the assets together and shadow bake them so they feel solid and then for the route builder to lay the asset once.

It is also a pain trying to select and move small assets in and around larger ones. Over the years we have streamlined the process so we are like world building ninjas... (not me, I'm like a Trex bumbling around with small arms and fat legs shouting a lot)

I have tried where I can to create assets from elements of larger assets, but of course one has to be aware of the asset folder size too.

I really want people to use my assets for their own routes if that is what they want to do but my first concern is what is right for the route.

Take the East Thickely bridge I have just made, It would be a pain to build that bridge from elements from a world building pov and I as an artist would have to make 5 or 6 different assets instead of just 1.

However, that said I can understand the frustration that some route builders have when you don't have the right asset for a location.


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Andy said...

As someone who is also building assets for my route I can completely understand your point of view. Your priority has to be towards the route you are building and building larger complete assets is certainly easier than trying to link together lots of small ones.