Sunday, 1 February 2015

QA date!

Glad to inform you that this route now has a QA date. (and yes it is this year!) I'll not give the game away just yet.

Here is an update of where we stand.

Track laid 98%
Signaled 80% (it has some bugs and art is not final, need to make gantries)
Scenery content 85%
Asset creation - 50% (missing mostly only Stations)
Rolling stock 70%

progress is going well.



Anonymous said...

that's great news Derek carnt wait will all of the content be available to buy? I've had a look at previous posts and i couldn't seem to find any from Byers green and spennymoor have you made that line?

Derek Siddle said...

The line stops at Spennymoor, and while most of that line was closed for the time period I am making, I have reopened it so Coundon/Byers Green and Spennymoor will all be open for use.

It will all be available.


Anonymous said...

thats great news will it all be released at the same time... and will it be broken up into section or is it all one line so to speak?

Anonymous said...

i was wanting to ask a big favor Derek mate could you upload some pics of byers green and spennymoor line im dying to see it ive seen a lot of people recreate it but never got round to finishing it would be so grateful..

Unknown said...

Very good news, now I have really something to look farward to this year...!

ukpetey said...

Fantastic news Derek, thanks for the update. As a Coundon resident, it is really bringing the old railways of the area to life and I for one am so very excited.

Crack on lad! ;-)