Monday, 9 December 2013

Today is a very big day!

or is it tomorrow?
Either way I look forward to discussions later!

Also glad folks are liking the holiday route, and yes all the paintings are mine, I did not just add my name!
Also the boy on the TV is also me  :)



Unknown said...

It is a very good route and my two boys love it. I am currently adding some track as if the boy had am extra track pack off Santa and it has raised a question about the editor. With the house object in place it is impossible to click or see any track details (gradient, radius etc) and the only way I have eben able to achieve it was by deleting the house and putting it back later - which took some time to get right. is there any way to hide objects during editing?

Derek Siddle said...

currently no, however you can just raise it up (or down)then snap it back down to the terrain height when done.