Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tackle Africa football marathon 2011

And so I managed to get through the the day..
Team Underdogs made up of 8 guys who never met before the event.

The weather was shocking, rain coming in horizontal across the common for many hours in the morning, it did however get a little brighter in the afternoon/evening with only a few downpours.

So how did we do? well like last year we won some, lost some and drew some. After 2 rounds we won as many as we lost so not too bad. However we lost in the first round of the knock out phase, but managed to win the others bar one. Not sure where we ended up but I think mid thirties from 52.

best names of the day were 'Me and your Mum united' and 'AC A Little Silhouetto Of Milan'.

So thank you all who gave on charity page, on the day we raised over a £100000 again so well done to you all.

Next year? who knows, maybe I need to do more training, i am hobbling around like an old man today!



Geoff Potter said...

Well done Derek and the rest of the knobbly knees .. er Underdogs Team.

I wonder if the professionals could keep up with such a gruelling timetable in such bad conditions.

Whitney said...

Well done man!! Sounds like a lot fun! I like your blog :)

Derek Siddle said...

It was a great day! thank you for the kind comment on my blog.