Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tackle Africa 2010

A big thank you to all that sponsored me.

By kick off on the day we (everyone) had managed to raise over £95000, this is expected to rise well above £100000 once all pledges are received.

A big thank you to all involved.

So the day was tough, couple of comedy moments during the freak downpour, we did not do as well as last year and only managed to come in at around 30th out of 52.
We won a few, but managed to draw as many as we lost.
Of course the winning was not that important, just getting through the day was.
We had 2 fallers by midday, and a lame duck in goal that actually played far better than the rest of the team.

So, I think I did more running than last year, as much shouting and swearing and managed to grab a couple of goals. 1 or 2 were almost roy of the rovers stuff too. Of course we will not talk about the 'chuckle brother' moments of which I was involved in a few. :)

As last year there were some really funny names, Shame my team did not go for my suggestion of 'Lorrain Kelly's growler'
Anyway, I think 'Smack my pitch up', 'Diaby Does Gallas' and 'Your Mum's Athletic' are the names that made me chuckle.

top day, will I do next year? who knows.
Hope I am still up for it.



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Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

What a fantastic total to raise of £100,000. I am sure that it will make a big difference to those who will benefit from it.

Next year? Too much sitting in front of the computer playing with shunters will not help.

What a great way to spend a day, having fun and raising money for charity at the same time.