Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ich Nichten lichten

He didn't like it but had to go along with it.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean now that all further developments on German goods wagons have been suspended?
Sorry, just had to ask?
B. ;-)

Anonymous said...

ice say ;

Ich Nichten lichten...
in English spoke:

I Niece(s) light

Unfortunately, this is all very mind free


Anonymous said...

ice say:
I forgot

Nice Screen Derek, thanks for the class101 ...i love it much.


Derek Siddle said...

It is a spoof news show.

Thanks for your kind words Ice.


Llew said...

Hi Derek

I had my knuckles rapped by a moderator at UKTrainsim today for daring to have a go at the tiny number of whingers and moaners who seem to want to destroy RW and all those who contribute to it and get a lot of satisfaction from it. So rather than thanking you for your tremendous contribution to railsim on that site I thought I'd post a big "thank you" here.

Don't let the bxxxxxs get to you!

Best wishes


Derek Siddle said...

Hi Llew,

Thank you for the support.Forums are strange places, people seem to go a bit 'loco' on them, not helped by folks with an agenda, hiding behind clever users names and barb'd comments.
Happy to help those who are keen, as for the others, well the least said the better.