Sunday, 27 September 2009

Project Platform

Project platform (working title) is a charity project that will be undertaken by staff and will include work from a number of creative people from the Rail Simulator/Works community.

The collective team will produce an addon for Railworks (from start to finish) in 24 hours, this addon would then go on sale on steam for a modest price (TBD, but we were thinking under £10)

I have the full backing of management and the whole team will give up their time for the day and for all the tasks that will need to be done before and after the event. I’d like to thank everyone involved for making this possible.

All money that would normally go to would be donated to Charity.
There are so many charities out there that need the funding, but the charity I have chosen for this project is;

As you can see a very worthy cause.

The plan is to hold the event in the second week of December. (The date is still tbc) this would hopefully be enough time for the addon to be tested and prepared to go on sale in time for Christmas.

The lion share of the work would be done in those 24 hours but there is a lot of planning and organisation that needs to be done before hand to allow the creative people to do their thing.

The Route

A poor artists impression of what it could look like...

A substantial amount of track around a fiction Island or headland that is based around Portland just by Weymouth.on the south coast of England. The area will be brimming with track which will include a quarry, a harbour, yards, a number of passenger stations and a train depot.

Local Steam passenger service
Narrow Gauge
diesel shunting
SeaSide Tram route

The route is still not designed or mapped out yet, as we progress I will update with images and plans.

The Traction

Included in the addon will be a range of new traction types 2 will be modelled on the day of the event and others have been kindly donated by key members of the community.

Kevin Martin – Narrow gauge
Tom Walters – southern terrier
Richard Scott – E1 Tram

A very big thank you to you guys.

So, that’s a high level pass of what ‘team platform’ plan to achieve. Over the coming weeks I’ll be running some little competitions for users to win their chance to have a loco/wagon/structure/town or location named after them. (there could be some fun had there!)

There will be much more information/news/polls etc over the coming weeks. It’s going to be tough, but it will be great!

Anyone interested in helping out please contact me.
Not everyone will be able to help in the production but everyone can help make this a success.



Slammer423 said...

What a wonderful Idea the best of luck to this project, and all for charity - Thanks my faith in the community has been restored.

If you'd like me to post "live updates" during this the marathon across RW-Trainsim and my blog I'd be happy to.

All the best
Dave (Slammer423)

Anonymous said...

Can I just wish good luck to you and all your team on this project!