Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thank You

A big thank you! to all that have helped me hit my target for the tackle africa event being held on Saturday.

'How's the training being going?' I got asked
Well, we played on Monday night for 40 minutes so pretty good I'd say.
I've not drank for weeks (not counting the whiskey under my nose right now)
I've also managed to store some body fat to burn during the day. (I've been acquiring that for about 10 years)
Honestly, this pro training is a doddle.

I've also got my instructions through, need to be out the house at 6am, onsite by 7, first game at 8, and so it begins.

I need to take 30 litres of water! how am i going to get that on my bike?

Jaffa cakes/bannanas/pasta with bacon in a tupperware box/crisps (salt and vinegar) and some lucazade (The sports drink not Adam!)

So are we going to win? probably not, but it's the taking part and shouting that's important.
(Just like the RS/RWs forums)

I'll try to document the event, but not sure I'll do as well as my old gaffa Taff from the mighty Surreal Madrid cup final.

If only we were better... we could have won that cup final!
(watch out for the entrance on 2 minutes... also wearing the classic number 12 shirt, most of the time seen just walking!)

Derek 'del' Siddle

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GreyPea said...

Will that be shirts or skins ?

Best of luck fella.