Sunday, 12 July 2009

Football Focus

Ok, sorry for the lack of subject matter this week, and I hope to get back on track next week...

So, it's 24 hours since I made it home from the football marathon, a great day and one I'll never forget. I went into it with very little training and my body is feeling the pain now, I'm walking around like old father time!
The details are dull, but we did ourselves proud.
We were 20 seconds away from a penalty shootout to get into the final. Our hearts were broken by a deflected shot off a defending shin, through a pair of legs and in off the post with no time for a reply but we were glad to end in the top 4 out of 50 other teams.
To go out in the semis is no bad thing.
There were some great team names; 'Your mums athletic', 'Big Tackle', Sporting Abeergut', Didier Drogba's Diving Academy' and 'That's What Barrymore Said'
I look forward to next year, only this time with a little more training.
A big thank you to all that helped, your contribution will go a long way to help others.
OP Simbas 2009

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