Thursday, 25 June 2009

So what next?

Been back a week and it's like I've never been away!
The boss (Mrs S) has been away all week in South Africa leaving me riding shot gun. (the little one driving) It's been a long week and lets just say I have some tidying up to do before Saturday.

As for the team, they are all doing well a few taking a break while a few others are looking into some of the reported issues. (proc error being the biggy)
An update on those will follow soon.

So, no more locos in my out of office time, focus will remain on my little route and love of the Bishop Auckland Station.
An update on that will follow soon.

I also had a chance to catch up with someone who is going to be big in the RWs world.
An update on that will follow soon.

So what next... well maybe something we have had on the drawing board for a number of months, I mean what did happen to that 4F?
An... ok enough I guess, but you get the idea.

While I can not give too much away there is much in development, something for everyone, old/new/small/large and iconic traction, not to mention some other intresting stuff.
But what about routes i hear others cry?
Well there are a couple of those being mapped out too.
And what about improvements i hear more cry?...
Lets just say that those are on going and the joys of steam will be clear for all to see.

I see Adam has been busy too...

Lastly a note to the forums, we have pulled back from getting into debates over x/y/z, but we still dip in from time to time.


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