Monday, 29 June 2009

RWs Addons - Q and A

One of these days I really will post my updates to the WVR route. It is still ticking along nicely in the background so nobody panic.

After reading the various forums I just thought I'd post my view on the coming release of the new addons. ( released news of the updated RS addons for RWs to go on sale via steam.)

We enhanced the products to make use of the new shaders, If we had not done that then the new rollingstock would look slightly older than the default stock.

Q - What enhancements have been made to the stock?
A - Glass shader for windows, normal maps if needed and shiny bits on the surface of the wheels that touch the rails and slight adjustments here and there, depending on the traction type.

Q - What extra content is included?
A - Depends on the addon, nothing for the 158, and the IOW is the same apart from material changes to the rolling stock. The Class 66 and 08 will have the a mixture of wagons from the UKwagon pack.(Still to be confirmed)
There may be also a few new scenarios. (Final confirmation will be given once all addons have been through testing)

Q - If I already have them are they worth me buying them again?
A - If I had bought them then I would not buy them again for RWs.

Q - Will my old addons work with new scenarios made with the new stock.
A - Yes, we are not changing paths or names so all should work fine.

Q - What about the 158 Functionality?
A - If we can we will address that issue and put a fix out on our website/Wiki

Q - Can I somehow update my imported rolling stock to make use of the new glass shader in RWs?
A - For those that care I'm sure there will be an unofficial way... The forums are full of clever people.

Q - Why am I not offered a discount for the new addons?
A - The admin overhead to do this makes it impractical. However we will do our best to help everyone with issues regarding addons and those that have contacted us via the shop I hope would agree.


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