Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday night and the weekends here....

Goes out to my mates JB and Joe.
Ever thought about making trains?

Well I got through the week, even manged to drop the little one off at ballet on time and in the right outfit!

Daddy day care.

So, a laid back evening reading up on the days posts.
very entertaining, though I am touched Adam and I cause such heated debate.
Sorry if my posts don't give you all the answers, it is not meant to, all the info will head into the Wiki where it belongs.

Looking at my VWR route in RWs made me sad. My sky looks old and dull. As my route is a total stand alone it is not touched by any of the RWs content updates.
So I need to go cloud fishing and get them installed in my sky dome.

Managed to find a nice picture of Etherley Signal box, I would post it up but I don't want to reproduce it on the net as it is not mine. You'll just have to trust me it is what it looks like.




Anonymous said...

Hi derek
dont know if you have seen the posts i left for you last week but are you the same derek siddel

Derek Siddle said...

Hi, Sorry did not see the posts, but yes I am that man.

And who may this be?



Anonymous said...

ok ill give you a clue "have you still got a billy conoly tape ?