Friday, 29 May 2009

End of May

And so we move into the home straight with RailWorks.

The guys have worked really hard for a long time and done a stirling job.
It's not often you can say that you love your job, enjoy the company of all your workmates and respect your superiors, RSDL and now has all of this and it's wonderful to be part of.
(Do I get a bonus?)

It's been fun taking the screen shots of RWs while testing the sim, the team often chat about what forums will say about each shot.

Today was a classic, we all liked the shot, the forums...
I love, It's crap, I love it, it's crap and so it goes on.
Great stuff.

A few days ago we came across a post on UKTS that was very poetic;

KRS is the first railsim with a realistic presentation (a sim for common users he).
KRS is the first railsim you do can make routes, scenery and loc's with a kind of ease.
Ok, you have to study a bit but that's the same with all the new software.And at this point we have to thank this community for the help and the patience...

And please don't forget the personal help we sometimes have of the developers too.
Sometimes I get the impression that some people do not know any more what value, decency or humility is.
The good things need to have the same attention than the poor ones....

That is the reason of my previous paragraph and I had no problems with that because it is also the truth.
If one continue day after day to point out weaknesses in KRS...
How would you feel if you had the same experience in your job?
You will get sick or you have a stone at the place where your heart should be

thank you Theokus.



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Anonymous said...

RW's looking great, Derek.. but then some us we're expecting that anyway ;-)

Thanks for all the work you guys have put in.