Saturday, 14 February 2009

Keep your head on.

I've been looking into characters the last couple of days, putting together a new steam driver.
This serious young fella needs to lighten up a tad.

While the head is technically fine, I'm just not happy with it. The main reason is because it is practically symmetrical, and while neat it is just dull.
Back to the drawing board for a more interesting character.


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Anonymous said...

I don't know about the expression needing lightening up, I mean compared to:

It looks very authentic, you wouldn't think I was doing it because I enjoyed it. Although I dare say that if someone took a picture of yourself, without you realising, whilst you're busy modelling your route then I doubt you'd be looking too ecstatic unless you'd just achieved something in particular.

As to "While the head is technically fine, I'm just not happy with it." I could say the same about the picture but then remodelling it would be so much messier in my case.

BTW there are also other pictures of my footplate men in that persons photo collections that may be useful for reference.