Saturday, 30 September 2017

A decade on

While I know know this blog had been slowing down for a few years I do feel the need to celebrate tomorrow.

On the 1st of October 2007, RSDL came into being.

Rail Simulator Development Ltd brought 6 ex Kuju staff together who were part of the original dev team on the Rail Simulator to support and maintain the software as it was released in Europe and then the US.
Overseeing the release of the mk1 and 2 patches as well as the release of the dev tools so that 3rd parties and hobbyists could enjoy and produce their own content.

We did not know what the future held for us but we were all committed to the software.

I am very proud of what we have done and become.
A big thank you to all of you that have supported us through the ups and downs.

The software has been more than half my working life in the industry and it is the game I am most proud of.



Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

I could write pages on the enjoyment that Rail Simulator and its evolution has given me over the years, in fact with some 10,500 posts on UKTrainsim it seems that I already have!

Even now I am settling down into what I hope will be my best and most desired route, The Bluebell Railway, and the years of development in the program make creating this route a much easier and pleasurable task than route building was in those early days. Even so, dealing with the problems was an excellent way to lean more about the program although my knowledge now is still only fraction of what the program is capable of.

Perhaps the single most important aspect of the program right from the start was that the editor was made available to everyone. This will have benefited RSDL but it was a great gift to thousands of people who wanted to and have created content.

You and all who have been on this journey from the start should rightly be proud of your creation, and remember that the journey is far from finished.

Chris Rodgers said...

The Weardale and Teesdale Route is one of my favorite routes and i have made many scenarios on steam for it. I would absolutely love if you and the team could do an extension of the route to Richmond and also to Saltburn it would be great to see that as a lot of the trains to Bishop Auckland came from Saltburn. Weardale and Teesdale is still very much an enjoyable route that provides hours of enjoyment for all. The route is an absolute masterpiece!

Derek Siddle said...

Thanks Geoff and Chris.

I have floated the idea of both extensions... There are a few at DTG who try not to catch my gaze when it is brought up..

Chris Rodgers said...

Awesome derek keep on at them about the extensions of the route (Tell the team Weardale needs a seaside) aka Saltburn and Redcar lol