Saturday, 13 June 2015


For those of you we missed it or were interested here is the twitch stream where we talk about the route.

Forgive my wooden performance!


Unknown said...

Thank you Derek for being the driving force behind this superb route. It has obviously been a labour of love and that is apparent in the research that has been carried out by you and then applied by your team to produce what will surely be something that will cater for the majority of those interested in steam and transition to early diesels. I'm sure there will be those who will find fault but I certainly look forward to the release of this and any subsequent extensions/additions in the future. You were at pains to mention throughout the twitch that it was a team effort so thank you and your team for all their hard work.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing how you managed to make a dream become reality, and how the sim can be used to give an artist's impression of a place and a moment in time. I can't wait to use your time machine and to experience a world we have lost (but sometimes still miss).


Derek Siddle said...

thank you guys


Tim van der Leeuw said...


I missed the Twitch livestream, just watched it, and I do have a question about the route that's bubbling in my mind for some time now -- don't take it as a critique, but as the route has been in development since as long as RailSimulator itself has been and a lot of track has been laid long ago already, does the route feature superelevation, or not?

If it doesn't, then fair enough - no problem with me. Just curiousity.

The route looks fantastic, and should provide for many hours of great fun!



Anonymous said...

Tim -

Just to confirm that it does. Subtle, but it's there.



Derek Siddle said...

what bob said! the line speed is so low that it is really not required.
If you are passing to quickly you are not taking in the vista...


ukpetey said...


I have been following your progress for some years, and I'm delighted that your long project is finally coming to fruition. Delighted for you to see your hard work completed, and delighted for me, and all the others who will buy and love the route.

I moved to Bishop Auckland from Essex six years ago, and am a lifelong rail fan. Railways never cease to fascinate me. I'm always looking in the landscapes for where some of our lost railways may have been. Having watched your twitch preview just now, I have to say that I had no idea of the sheer vastness of the rail network in the area. I've read about it often, but to see it all brought to life in your work, is astounding.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for creating the route for us all, i know it will be amazing.

If you get the urge to extend, may I respectfully suggest heading from Barnard Castie up and over the Pennines... ;)

Kind regards,
Peter Benson

Unknown said...

Peter, for your info, the Stainmore line from Barnard Castle is coming....! See

Derek Siddle said...

There are lots of ways the route can be extended. Over Stainmore, up to Consett, Down to Richmond, or across to Sunderland/HArtlepool or as far as Saltburn. I am hoping someone takes it on! :)