Saturday, 2 November 2013

Details details details

I have just read a thread discussing a barn that was or was not there in a screen shot. I don't need to mention any names because that is not important and nothing to do with me.

My route is set about 1953, however I can not get all the reference i need to make 1953. Some of my reference is from 1930, or 1970 and everything in between.
I am more than happy for someone to point out that I have got something incorrect but that's not to say I did not do my research.
Here are a few thoughts that run throughs my head when I am making an area.

1 - I remember it this way.
2 - This picture shows a little bit of the area I have so I can use my experience and fill in the blanks.
3 - I'm so glad I found that picture it gives me everything I need.
4 - Hmm, is that what it looked like, I prefer how it looked in the 60s.
5 - I don't have that asset, I could make it, or I could just put down that generic factory building and move on.

etc etc.

Making a route is a long slog. Making a route and all the assets is a longer slog. Making a route, all the assets and trying to get every detail correct for that exact moment in time is futile.
So if a detail is not correct don't assume I have not done my research, In my world I am the sky fairy with great power.

So what am I trying to say? I am an artist and I have artistic license. I am not restricted by anyone or anything other than the dark lord Time. (Lords and Kings fight like cats and dogs!)


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