Monday, 22 April 2013

Where have I been?

The few that visit here may well be wondering where on earth I have been.

Yes I have been keeping my running blog up to date but I have been quiet on this one.

Since the death of my dad, I took some time away from the PC and the route. I have been working with the software for over 7 years and well while some of you have certainly clocked up the hours, I don't think many would have come near the amount of time I have spent with it. I just needed a break.

I also got promoted! I am now 'Head of Content' which means I am now to blame for most things instead of just a few things... :)

I have to say that over the last year and a half I have enjoyed the routes, Woodhead/Settle-Carlise/Sherman/Donner update/Marias have been fun, and working with all involved was a joy.

I hope that in my new role I still have time to enjoy the personal route building, hate to let all of this go to waste!
It is nice to build without the pressure and I enjoy every moment I am working on it.

Hope to update later this week.




Ferrisybuga said...

Congratulations on the promotion Derek & a well deserved break. The route will take as long as it takes - you can't rush perfection as they say. I look forward to the updates when they come as they always provide modelling inspiration. C

Paul Williams said...

Congratulations on the promotion. Is 'Head of Content' a job title, or a description of your state of mind?


Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

Promotion usually means you get an office higher up the building, like the attic.

Congratulations and enjoy what you do.

Geoff Potter

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Derek, We'll wait as long as necessary for this route. Keep up the good work.


Gonzo said...

congratulations on the promotion, take a est for a while and it'll soon come back

Unknown said...

As the saying goes, "as one door closes, another opens". Sorry to learn of your loss, but congratulations on the promotion, chap.

All the best, Rik.

Vlado said...

I am sorry for your loss