Saturday, 9 February 2013

Weekend in Bishop

A week ago I spent 4 days in Bishop, this is probably the longest I have been there in many years.
I went up without family to visit my dad who is not so well.
While up I walked around the town (again) taking photos of walls, buildings and places. I only got stopped twice this time by people asking 'whayadeeintakingfotosofmyhoose?'

I just explained I was documenting the town to show how it had changed over the years, easier than telling the truth about textures.

Anyway, one of my next buildings to tackle is the Eden theater which was right next to the tracks at the bottom of Princess street.

I went in and chatted to Eric Thompson who's wonderful paintings and prints are displayed in the gallery in Bongate. He kindly passed on one of his prints for me to study and with a number of old black and white photos I will try and see if I can make something close to how it looked.

Progress to follow soon.


Jan BleiƟ said...

I know that. Running through the streets with a camera and not looking like a tourist in a non touristic area makes people suspicious. I had a situation - taking photos of my home town (for making simulation of it, off course). There came a car (VW Bully bus) from behind and stopped right in front of me on the sidewalk with screeching tires. "why did you make photos of me and my car?" (He was the local dealer of - only the hell knows what???) "I'm sorry Sir, I took photos of the house of an old friend of mine, and showed him the picture where - unfortunately - a tiny part of his car was on it. He let me go... I should buy a gun for these walks, exploring small towns :-)


Geoff Potter said...


Research is one of the most enjoyable aspects of route building and can take you to places you never thought you would ever go and lead to experiences you never expected to have. You meet some really interesting people as well who often have much knowledge to offer if you ask.

I have had a few funny looks when taking photos, and my wife is quick to distance herself from me on occasions, but I have yet to be threatened.

Geoff Potter