Saturday, 8 September 2012

TS2013 is coming

Seems to be some confusion over TS2013, who what why when where etc, Facebook page is the place to watch for more info.

However in simple terms, if you do nothing and just carry on as you are, you will get your game code/look/new features etc updated for free, like any other update have done.

Your game will become TS2013 but with the content you currently have and enjoy.
If you pre order the steam version of TS2013 (this has different content to RWs/RWs2 and TS2012) you will get the 4 advertised routes (SH, IOW, NEC and B to V) added to your current content list at a discounted price.
New users who buy TS2013 (and do not own a previous versions of the sim) Will only have those 4 advertised routes in their list.
New users will be able to obtain the old core content from Steam, more information on this to follow from

Any questions please email



Darren said...

What? So I don't actually have to sacrifice a small goat on September 20th? :)

Unknown said...

It never hurts to do so anyway... Except the goat

Traveller said...

Sorry to raise this here but 'support' don't seem to want to give me an answer (tried three times now)?
Can I have both TS2012 and TS2013 (either an updated 2012 or a new one) on the same PC?
I expect there may be a little re-naming of folders btw.
Thanks, Peter in Warrington.

Vern Moorhouse said...

I have emailed support to query, but will "new" users to RW/TS2013 still get the original Kuju assets in their install, if not the routes? 99.9% of existing freeware and some payware routes rely on these and in the original Kuju folder structure, too.

Also will "new" TS2013 include the older rolling stock, e.g. Black 5, Class 37, HST etc.

Some clarification would be much appreciated.

Derek Siddle said...

Pete, No, TS2012 will become TS2013 just as RWs became RWs2 and TS2012.
Vern, No. But the old core content and routes will be available from Steam for those that want it. Regarding the DLC that relies on it we have also got solutions for that too.
However there is no reason anyone should be alarmed.
More details will be given out by on their Facebook page and Website over the next couple of weeks.

Daniel said...

Might I ask why these routes will no longer be included as core content?

Anonymous said...

Derek, I think you answered Pete's question wrong. Pete asked if he could retain TS2012 and also have TS2013. As long as he does not have an internet connection (off line) and does not connect with Steam he should be able to keep TS2012 in a seperate area of his HD.

Transport Steve said...

Thank you very much Derek, for giving us the information regarding the update on 20th September, you're the only member of RSC staff who still remembers us old veterans and communicate with us in an adult fashion, rather than the geek/kiddie talk that is prevalent on the social networking sites, that we can never understand.

Cheerz. Transport Steve.

Gonzo said...

Hi Derek, if the 4 mentioned routes are now core, does that mean that the assets from them are now core instead of the assets used before from the Kuju Folder?

looking forward to more progress on Wear Valley