Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New year!

And so we are in the future! Exciting times ahead indeed.

So in prep of 2012 I felt the need to clean up my study. I spend over 10-12 hours a day in it so it often gets trashed quickly, paper/magazines/books etc everywhere.

I am lucky to have such a space I know but growing up I shared a room with my 2 brothers and never had any space to spread out my work. I remember oil painting sat on the bedroom floor, room stinking of turps, oil paint splodges on the carpet etc. (not that you could tell mind, the carpet pattern was so hideous)

Anyway, here is to a creative 2012.

all the best.



Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

I see that the large painting by numbers picture has not been finished yet.

It all looks a bit too clean and tidy at the moment (only one post-it note?) but by the time we get to the end of 2012, and a few more super models have been created, I am sure the evidence of the blood, sweat and tears involved will be all over the study.

I have a feeling that 2012 will be a great year for all of us.

Derek Siddle said...

hi Geoff, yes the paintings are all still here, work getting in the way of the really creative stuff! Look forward to seeing more of your work this year.