Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dec Update

Well I'm back!

Woodhead is by no means out the woods just yet but it is looking pretty special for most of it, in the new year the guys involved will give it a blitz.

SO where does that leave my route, will it ever get done!

The good news is I have found someone willing to aid me in the track laying. This is a major step forward.
I will not put a date against this route but I think 2012 will be pretty special.

More updates to follow over the festive period (as long as the missus allows me some time at the pc!)



1 comment:

scott said...

Hi Derek my name is scott and i live in spennymoor which is near bishop auckland i was just wanting to say i am very impressed with the photos you can see a lot of work has gone in to modeling buildings how long before it will be ready thanks