Friday, 22 May 2009

Thank Crunchie it's Friday

And so we get to the end of another long (but too short) week, the team intact and still civil with each other. Amazing really due to the hours we have been spending with each other in the office, so a long weekend off to spend with family is welcomed by all.

Just so happens my family got struck down by flu, not swine flu mind, though we did get tested for it! Also good to note the little one is back on fine form, thanks to those for asking.

It's been a week now and I see the forums still tick on without us but I have found an extra hour or 2 a day!

Sat wondering what I did before I worked on my 37 every spare moment, it seems so long ago. Where do I start?
I want to re texture all my foliage, a new sky, fix terrain textures/procedural flora etc etc etc...

I think I should get the main station finished first. Everything hangs off that, it is the reason I started in the first place.
Set the quality bar in one area to show how the route will look instead of flitering about.

Ok, short football chat below.

Last weekend of the prem, who's going down? I think it really should be Newcastle for being such a joke, I feel for Hull and Sunderland, but really all 5 teams down there have been so bad they all should go.
Having said that WBA play the better football, tho they defend like my old team Surreal Madrid.

Ok, WVR starts again tomorrow, with my new monitor!


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Unknown said...

Hi Derek i also have the flu, i hope not swine flu i have not been tested, i also got a new monitor and have to say RS looks great on it, looking forward to the release of RW, cheers Steve,